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Please read the following terms and conditions. This information should be reviewed carefully. By using any of the services offered by Don’t Fret About Debt, you are deemed to have acknowledged and accepted these terms.


  • The services of Don’t Fret About Debt are only available in Scotland.
  • Subject to acceptance and eligibility.
  • Your chosen debt solution may not be the only suitable option available to you.
  • Our debt advice is free. Our services are provided in return for payment and are profit seeking.
  • Free advice is also available from Money Helper.


  • Services offered include free debt advice, debt payment programmes (DPPs), trust deed and sequestration.
  • Your credit rating may be affected by entering into a debt solution.
  • Details of your debt payment programme will be held on the DAS Register. Trust deeds and sequestration details are held on the Register of Insolvencies. Both registers are available online, however someone would have to be searching for you specifically to find your details.


  • You creditors will receive payment monthly if you sign a DPP.
  • Your creditors receive payment at month 18, 24, 30, 36, 42 and 48 should the funds collected be enough to make a payment of at least 5p in the £, after all fees and expenses have been taken into account if you sign a Trust Deed.
  • Your creditors will receive a dividend at month 48 only should you enter sequestration.
  • If your chosen option is a Trust Deed, there is a risk of Sequestration should at least half of your creditors in numbers or one third in value reject the proposal.
  • Homeowners may need to release equity through re-mortgage which may attract a higher interest rate.
  • Your expenditure will be restricted.
  • Only unsecured debts may be discharged.

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