Be Your Own Chancellor of the Exchequer

Posted on: March 17, 2015

Written By: Jane Clark

Source Every year, in the middle of March, an old bloke stands on the steps of somewhere posh waving a knackered old red suitcase and we all try and make sense of what he’s talking about. Well, here it is in a nutshell: get more money in and stop letting so much money out! That’s… Continued

Cheap Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Posted on: March 13, 2015

Written By: Nicola Standen

If you’re feeling the pinch but still want to surprise your lovely mum this coming Mother’s Day, there are plenty of alternatives to shelling out on premium boxes of chocolates and bunches of flowers – and they might even win you more brownie points. Indulge in a little crafty DIY and you could end up… Continued

Don’t Spend on Hard Drives – Online Storage Options All For Free!

Posted on: March 10, 2015

Written By: Nicola Standen

If you’re finding that your computer is getting close to full with photos, videos and files, you may be looking for alternative data solutions. This could be an external hard drive, for example – but this could cost you up to £150 which is quite a bit of money if you weren’t expecting it. Luckily… Continued

Top Tips for Second-Hand Shopping

Posted on: March 5, 2015

Written By: Jen Gale

We spent a year Buying Nothing New, and I quickly discovered the delights of shopping in charity shops! My husband remains to be convinced that charity shop shopping is actually more fun than normal shopping-that thrill of finding some little gem; finding a bargain; thinking about how you can adapt something to make it totally… Continued

Cheap Food and Drink Swaps – Would You Taste the Difference?

Posted on: March 3, 2015

Written By: Disease Called Debt

One of the best ways to save money on your household bills is to reduce the amount of money you spend each week on food and grocery items at the supermarket. You won’t have to starve in order to do that because it’s actually possible to lower your food bill and make your money go… Continued

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