Weird & Wonderful Things You Can Sell on eBay to Make Money

Posted on: April 10, 2015

Written By: Disease Called Debt

So you’ve sold your old mobile phone and rooted through your gadgets to see if you can spare anything techy to sell. Your winter wardrobe has been ruthlessly taken apart and distributed to all four corners of the earth.

You’ve dusted off your DVD, CD and book collections and have gone through the tedious task of listing the ones you no longer want on eBay (despite knowing you’ll get pennies for them). You’re convinced: there’s NOTHING else left in your home to sell on eBay to make money! Right?

You might be surprised then to learn that there are some weird and wonderful things that you can sell on eBay to make money… and you may just have some of them lying around the house already.

1. Empty jam jars, vinegar and perfume bottles

sell jam jars on ebay


Many people like to make their own vinaigrettes and jams and need glass containers to store them in. If you save yours up, you can sell a bundle of them to someone who needs them which is a little more satisfying (to your pocket) then just recycling them. Others like to use empty perfume bottles for their own homemade perfume concoctions – or I dare say – copycat perfumes.

2. Collectables

Badges, historical coins, stamps and even retro soda bottle caps are a collector’s dream. Anything remotely collectable has a good chance of selling, so have a dig around to see if you can find anything retro or collectable in your home that may have a value. If you happen to have a set of the Natwest Pigs (remember those from the 1980s?), you’re definitely in luck, because some of the rarer pigs like “Wesley” can fetch up to £250!

3. Buttons

sell buttons on ebay


You may already know this, but buttons are quite pricey to buy! Especially vintage and large size buttons. If you have a button stash that you don’t need, sort some out into some nice colour palettes and you may get a few quid for each batch.

4. Fabric

Like buttons, fabric is expensive to buy these days. Have a look in your wardrobe (if you haven’t already sent it all to the four corners of the earth) and see if you can cut up old jeans and shirts into patchwork squares or fabric scraps. Make some pretty looking fabric bundles and you’ll no doubt have some takers from sewing or quilting enthusiasts.

Can you think of any other weird and wonderful things you can sell on eBay?

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