Pennies Add Up to Pounds – Easy Ways to Save

Posted on: April 16, 2015

Written By: Cass

What would you do if I told you that turning off your TV at the wall instead of leaving it on Standby would save you around £5 a year? Probably not very much because £5 a year isn’t a great deal is it?  But if you combine that with turning off your Sky at the wall and your games consoles, you could turn that saving into an amount closer to £30.

Still not a huge saving but for the second it takes you to flick the power switch, then it’s an easy to make saving that doesn’t involve you having to cut back or do without anything!

Pennies in a jar


That’s my kind of saving.

I like the savings where I don’t feel like I’m giving something up and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one so I thought I’d share a couple of examples of easy ways to save for you today….

  • Use cashback websites every time you make a purchase online. It may take a while for the money to add up (unless you’re making big purchases) but it all adds up and if you choose to leave any cashback that you earn sitting in your account for most of the year than you can buy an extra present or two at Christmas with the money you’ve accumulated.
  • Shop around for the best deals for all of your insurances and utility providers – again, use a cashback site and get cash back for swapping to a cheaper provider.

Saving a few pounds here and there really does start to add up and the more things you save on the bigger the difference you’ll see in your monthly budget.

Another way that pennies quickly add to pounds is when you’re saving them – it might seem like just a few pennies here and there but they mount up really quickly.  Here’s a couple of my favourite ways to save up for something:

  • Empty your purse at the end of every day and transfer all of your copper into a container where you can see your money adding up. I have three coloured vases that I keep on the kitchen windowsill and every time they get full, I empty them and cash them in.  Usually I use one of the change machines you’ll find at your local supermarket.  I know they charge about 8p in the pound but the time it saves is worth it to me.
  • Do you have internet banking? Set up a separate account that you can move money into online from your current account and every time you go online to check your balance, transfer the odd pence amount in to your savings account. So if your balance was £101.26 then you would transfer the 26p to the other account and if it was £89.79 then you would transfer the 79p.  It might not seem like much at the time but it will add up really quickly.

I like to use the money that I save for doing things with the kids but you might want to save it up for Christmas or for a holiday or even pay it off an outstanding debt.

Whatever you choose to do with it, it might as well be in your pocket than someone else’s!

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