Offer & Voucher Sites to Bookmark

Posted on: March 19, 2015

Written By: Nicola Standen

After our post about personal finance accounts on twitter and who you should be following to get the latest in financial news and offers, we’re turning our attention to the best of the best when it comes to voucher sites.

Bookmark a few of these so you have places to go if you’re looking for a cheap night out, day trip, or just to save money on your usual expenses. It’s also ideal for scoping out offers on big purchases you are planning such as TVs. Just make sure you don’t surf these sites too often and end up buying things for the sake of the deal rather than because you actually need them!

Hot UK Deals calls itself a ‘community for deal seekers’. The site structures offers by ‘hotness’ – if a lot of people take advantage of the offer, it will be more prominent on your screen, so you can’t miss the best deals on the site. You’ll find notifications of offers on pretty much anything at lots of major high street shops – from £300 off a new TV to half price lamb shoulders at Tesco.

Amazon has its own dedicated deals area for you to browse through. The offers expire after a certain amount of time, and each has its own timer underneath it so you can see how long left you have to buy. Items on offer change often so it’s worth having a look through now and again to see if something you’re planning on buying has been discounted. You can also sign up to their dedicated deals newsletter which will let you know what’s on offer each day.

Groupon is a favourite for many, sending out personalised offers and vouchers via email. You set your location within the site and it will send you deals in your local area – often for places to visit or for meals out, as well as things like beauty treatments or even courses and training sessions. This one is worth keeping an eye out for if you know there’s an occasion coming up. If you need to plan for a family members birthday or just want to have a day out somewhere exciting when the kids are off school, sign up to Groupon and see what they have on offer.

Argos have a specific page where all of their current deals can be found, as well as their clearance stock which is on limited offer. Bookmark it and check it if you know your washing machine is threatening to go on the blink or if you need anything new for the home. It’s also a great place for stocking up on kids toys and presents when there are offers on – so if you’re organised enough, you could start prepping for Christmas with this site!

This is the perfect site for checking your big shop is as cheap as it could be. You can compare the prices of full baskets or of individual items to make sure you’re not missing a track by failing to pick up on offers at other supermarkets. This is great to use when you’re food planning for the week as it will help you budget everything out and get the best offer. There’s also an app you can check on the go too.

Although not strictly a vouchers site, Top Cashback is a brilliant way of making little savings that add up. They feature 4000 high street retailers on their site, and if you buy anything from any of them, the commission they receive from transferring you through to them actually comes straight back to you! It’s free to join and all of your cashback gets stored in your account ready to withdraw. If you can’t find an offer on a specific item you need, it’s worth trying to buy it through Top Cashback so you can at least get some cashback for your purchase.

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