Improve Your Home on a Budget

Posted on: April 23, 2015

Written By: Becky Goddard-Hill

Just because you’re saving money, that doesn’t mean you can’t afford to improve your home – you just might have to be a bit more creative!

While new furniture, new flooring, extensions and total redecoration will certainly have a dramatic impact, they’ll also have a dramatic impact on your purse as well as your house. There really is no need to spend a fortune on home improvements when there is so much you can achieve on a budget.

Before you start thinking about any major changes, decluttering is my number one top tip to improving your home on a budget; it makes it look tidier, calmer, bigger, cleaner and more organised. All you need are bin liners for the charity shop and the recycling bin, a good chunk of time and a CAN DO attitude. You might even find items that you can sell on eBay, so put them in a box or pile ready to make some money from.

Once you’ve cleared down the surfaces and tidied everything away, a lick of paint really can change things in an instant. We recently painted my kitchen white (from cream) and the change has been huge. It looks lighter and brighter and it shows off the cream cabinets really well. We have kept hold of the paint that was left over so sticky hands from the kids don’t require a whole new paint job and little touch ups can keep it looking really fresh.

Repairs need dealing with as they crop up otherwise, or in the long run even bigger repairs will be required and these can cost a fortune. If you aren’t handy yourself then ask around to find a local handyperson who is well thought of, reasonably priced and for whom no job is too small. Often, skill sharing can be really useful here. For example, my husband helps a handyman friend with his website, and in return he repairs small things for free for us and helps us with small tasks. Skill sharing is always a great way to save money so don’t be afraid to negotiate or ask around to see if any favours can be done.

Cleaning a window and your curtains well can really help let in more light. Mirrors can work wonders, reflecting light and creating the illusion of more space. Re-varnishing wooden floors and the addition of a new rug (or the dry cleaning of an old one) can spruce up a floor. Shampooing a carpet can also give it a whole new lease of life.

Little attempts at co-ordination can also cleverly pull an interior look together, e.g. colours from a cushion match those picked out in a vase or lamp shade, adding a sense of coordination and completeness to a room. Just one or two new accessories can give your room a defined colour theme and make it look more finished.

Family photos in matching frames and the addition of inexpensive, fresh flowers also add a touch of love and luxury to a home, without any great expense.

Last but not least do not neglect your front door. A clean front door with a welcoming hanging basket or pot of lavender and a lovely mat makes the best first impression.

You can absolute improve your home simply with TLC and attention to detail, without the need for great expense – so don’t feel that just because you’re saving, you can’t create a home you’ll enjoy spending time in. Let us know below your best tips for creating a welcoming home without having to get the cheque book out!

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