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Posted on: November 7, 2012

Written By: Nicola Standen

Gone are the days when debt was a bad word and it was unheard of to parade it up and down, allowing it to air its dirty laundry right in front of our faces. Now we can’t get away from it, whether it’s on the way home in the car, you hear Peter Dean who has become a household name, talking about Trust Deeds or the Debt Arrangement Scheme or mid Jeremy Kyle when you’re just about to stick the kettle on and on come the credit cards and outstanding bills which have sprouted arms and legs and have got a bit sick of “not being paid in a while” courtesy of The Debt Advisory Centre Scotland.

It’s everywhere and if you find yourself in need of a little help to sort out your ever growing debt or find bank charges and payday loans mean you run out of money mid month, it can be a little daunting to say the least.

Who do you go to? Who can you trust?

We’ve all had the text message “Write off 90% of your debt with new government legislation”. Eh, Alarm Bells are ringing!! News flash Mr “I’ll buy a million cold leads and text you all” & that’s what you get for switching your home insurance via that on-line comparison website because you didn’t “opt out” did you??

At least you can ignore a message, even if you do get all excited when you hear the tone and think “Yipeee, I’ve got a pal” only to realise you actually don’t.

It’s the calls from 7am to 9pm that seem to do the most grating on your patience. No longer do you see an unknown number on your caller display and get intrigued about who was calling. Even more frustrating if you missed it and they didn’t leave a message! I mean, you could ponder over who the mystery caller was for days.

Not now, now we deliberately don’t answer unknown numbers because we know exactly who’s at the other end is. It’s Debt Free Direct or Think Link or some guy sitting in a 2 man office in Ecclefechan, hoping to “sell” you a Trust Deed!

Please bear in mind folks that not everyone is going to be who they want you to think they are and NO, I don’t mean like Clark Kent and Superman.

Watch out for the Scammers

Call centres who call you e.v.e.r.y s.i.n.g.l.e d.a.y are not debt experts, they are reading off a script. I also have had the privilege of receiving one of these calls and took great pleasure in asking them what year it was where they lived because I’ve been helping people with Trust Deeds since 1999 and they were about well before that! New legislation indeed!!

On the other foot, there ARE a number of very professional debt experts who don’t have a target of selling Trust Deeds and who will provide the best advice, after listening to what your needs are. These are the companies you need to speak to, not the ones who are shouting the loudest. Remember pushy call centres are not our friend and any solution which you may enter into is probably a legally binding document.

If you have a property, be weary of anyone who suggests they can hide/write off equity “so don’t you worry your little head sweetheart – just sign on the dotted line”.

Yes folks, here at dontfretaboutdebt.net we’ve done a bit of mystery shopping and I am appalled at the advice that has been given. So, do yourself a favour and talk to someone who cares, where there is no hard sell, no false promises, just real advice from real debt experts like us!

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