Easter Holidays Activity Countdown – Part One

Posted on: April 2, 2015

Written By: Jane Clark

It’s lovely to have our children home from school and with us all day during the Easter holidays. I brought up my children with very little money and know exactly what it’s like to need to be creative and fill up a school holiday with activities and next to no money to do it. Here is the first part of my countdown of the days of the holiday with something to do for each and every one – without having to fork out a load of money to keep everyone entertained. Check back next week for the second half of my suggestions! Here goes…

In a two week period, try to set aside two cooking days where the children become the chefs and have fun whilst they are doing so. Look for simple things to cook such as cheese and potato pasties, veggie pitta bread pizza, fruit jelly pots and bitesize cakes. Let them take photographs and create holiday memories that can be printed, shared, scrapbooked and remembered.

That’s two days down and twelve to go. We always aim to have at least one blanket den, hot chocolate and movie day. These are great days in which no one has to do anything at all really. Push the dining room chairs together, pull blankets over to make living room tents and bring down the duvets and pillows to make a Bedouin experience. All you’ll need to add is the lap top, some DVDs that can be borrowed from the library and you have a lazy day where everyone can recharge and just relax.

easter holiday ideas
Seven days to go. We all need to get out and get active. Check out your local walking trails which can be found in built up areas, usually with something to see or find on the way. If your area is rural, check out local walking trails online. We find walks suitable for children on Walking in Englands site and you can search by county and area, or try Walk Highlands for Scottish rambles and hikes. You don’t need special equipment, just a packed lunch, bottle of water, stout shoes and a sense of adventure. Children don’t mind the rain, mud or if it’s uphill. A pocket book of birds or British wildlife gives the adventure a taste of the kids’ nature showDeadly 60when you point out mini ‘beasts’. Look out for walks of about three miles and circular walks that start and finish in the same place.

On the sixth day, catch up with family or friends. When we’re short of money we often make excuses to not see friends. Have people over and children love catching up with cousins and the rellies. It’s a great excuse to make cakes and play locally or even better wrangle an invite to go and visit them for the day.

Half way through. Time to expand your mind. We have a county museum and a local museum and they change exhibits for school holidays, have dress up, activities and story time. Neither of them cost anything at all. We book in for a visit to both of them and make a day of it by walking to the local museum and taking a bus journey on a family day ticket to the county museum. Both are used to families with flasks picnicking on the floor under works of art and by natural history exhibits. The children usually come home with stickers, activity packs and digital photos to add to their online memory box.

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