Don’t Spend on Hard Drives – Online Storage Options All For Free!

Posted on: March 10, 2015

Written By: Nicola Standen

If you’re finding that your computer is getting close to full with photos, videos and files, you may be looking for alternative data solutions. This could be an external hard drive, for example – but this could cost you up to £150 which is quite a bit of money if you weren’t expecting it.

Luckily there is an alternative solution which is absolutely free, although it does require a bit of work on your part. There are many free online storage services where you can gain certain amounts of space in return for signing up. We’ve summed up some of the best offers here to save you time (and money).

All of these services are free to sign up, but some may offer bolt-on packages that you have to pay for. Depending on how much space you need, you can either have accounts with different providers, using all of their free space offers to get over 200GB of space for nothing – or you can look into paying a small amount for extra space with one supplier. This depends on your data needs, so browse through the services below and then you can make an informed decision that could save you some money!

Google Drive – 15GB

Google Drive free online storage

Google Drive is one of the most famous data storage services and gives you a good amount of storage absolutely free. Not only does it allow you to store photos, videos and docs safely, you can access various programs like Google Docs where you can edit files with others. Great if you’re looking for a service that you can use for business or if you want to collaborate with others – you could even use it to create a family calendar or shopping list so everyone is on the same page at home!

Copy – 15GB

Copy free online storage

Copy is another service which gives you a handy 15GB of space for free. You can also download the Copy app so you can sign in and look at files while you’re on the go, and it also includes the ability to quickly share documents with others. If you’re wanting to share a photo album with family or friends for example, this is a great tool.

Dropbox – up to 16GB

Dropbox free online storage

Dropbox is great if you want to store files from your phone. You can schedule automatic uploads from your smartphone which is ideal if you take a lot of photos and want them to be safely stored elsewhere. The service comes with 2GB straight away, but you can add on up to an extra 14GB by completing ‘Get More Space’ tasks such as completing the introductory guide, syncing your social media accounts and inviting friends to join.

hubiC – 25GB

hubic - free online storage

hubiC gives out a hefty 25GB for free on sign up, which equates to over 6,000 high-res photos or 416 hours of music! Depending on what you’re looking to store, a hubiC account could be enough on its own for your storage needs!


Mega free online storage

If you thought hubiC gave a lot of space for free, MEGA doubles it. It also bills itself as ‘The Privacy Company’ so you can be sure that your files are completely safe and private. As usual you can also access your files via an app and sync files between devices for quick and easy storage.

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