Cheap Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Posted on: March 13, 2015

Written By: Nicola Standen

If you’re feeling the pinch but still want to surprise your lovely mum this coming Mother’s Day, there are plenty of alternatives to shelling out on premium boxes of chocolates and bunches of flowers – and they might even win you more brownie points.

Indulge in a little crafty DIY and you could end up with a gift that she appreciates even more than something you’ve chucked in the trolley on your way round the supermarket or picked up from a high street card shop.

If you’re a mum yourself, it’s also a great time to get the kids involved in making something for grandma (and hope they’ve also spent time on something for yourself!). Alternatively if you’re looking to surprise your wife or girlfriend with a present from the little ones this is a perfect project to get stuck into together while she’s out of the house.

Ideas for Your Own Mum

sugar scrub mother's day


Make up a quick and easy DIY sugar scrub that is tailored to your mum’s favoured scents. Use a cup of sugar as the base, and then mix it with other ingredients to add fragrance. You could add ground coffee beans, drops of her favourite essential oils (lavender is a good example) and then some oil to mix it all together. Pop it in a clean leftover jam jar or a fancy pot if you have one and add some ribbon! Search ‘DIY sugar scrub’ on Google or Pinterest for hundreds of recipes to inspire you.

baking 2 mother's day
BBC Good Food has loads of cheap baking recipes that you can look through. The majority of bakes are less than a fiver for the total amount produced, so you could be making 24 pink jam slices or 16 pieces of apricot shortbread for about £3.50 each! Why not make up a batch of a few different goodies and have your own homemade afternoon tea with your mum so she can put her feet up and have a relaxing Mother’s Day.

Ideas to Make with Your Kids

thumbnail family tree mother's day gift

Create a Thumbprint family tree following the tutorial by family blogger Day 2 Day Supermom. You’ll probably already have paper and red paint, and all you need to do is print off one of the tree stencils she uses (or draw your own if you like). Add your family’s names and heart-shaped thumbprints to the family tree and you’ve got a heart-warming gift that’s easy to make with kids. Add a frame if you’re feeling fancy!

homemade candle mother's day

Decorate some pound shop candles with doodles and drawings. Come Together Kids has a great tutorial to follow which is quick and easy but creates an impressive and personalised result. Encourage the kids to create candles dedicated to their mum with Mother’s Day themed doodles of hearts and flowers. All you need is a pack of candles big enough to draw on, some baking paper, markers and a hair dryer to affix the drawings to the candle.

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